Here are 8 benefits of Having Artificial Grass

The demand for artificial grass is growing each new day and its popularity for different applications becoming increasingly overwhelming. People are appreciating the advanced technology that goes into manufacturing today’s generation of synthetic turf. Even more importantly, this demand has been driven by the fact that people all across the globe are gaining a better understanding of the numerous benefits that synthetic grass affords in the long term.

#1. Grass that is attractive all year long

Synthetic grass maintains its attractive lush and green appearance all year, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The generation of turf products available in the market today is very realistic and looks and feels like natural grass except that it does not turn into unattractive patches of brown under harsh weather. You can now enjoy a consistently bright green lawn during all seasons of the year.

#2 Durable, with a long lifespan

Fake grass has a long lifespan, typically up to 25 years, or longer depending on the care and maintenance that goes into it. The durability of the grass does not depend on water and fertilizer inputs or even water conditions. With new UV-stabilization technology, fake grass can withstand even the harshest sun without fading.

In addition, constant traffic from walking, running and playing on the synthetic turf does not damage the surface. Its ability to withstand extended use in just about any condition, with no recovery time is the reason synthetic grass has become very popular for use in sporting fields. Sporting fields that are frequently used for events have a typical lifespan of up to 10 years before the synthetic turf ever needs replacing.

#3 Reduced Water Usage

Artificial grass requires no watering. With natural turf, you may end up using as much as thousands of gallons of water every year, especially in expansive commercial spaces. The summer season is particularly challenging as you may need to water your lawn several times a day, using copious amounts of water every time. With synthetic turf , your investment will pay off in great savings when it comes to the water bill and in water conservation efforts.

You, will, however require using some water for the occasional clean around your artificial lawn.

#4 No more mowing

Synthetic grass, unlike real grass does not grow and therefore requires no mowing. The time you would otherwise spend doing this tiresome chore can better be spent with family and friends or something else that is equally fulfilling. Artificial grass saves you a lot of time and effort. In addition, you can also make savings by eliminating the need to buy fuel for running the lawn mower.

Because artificial grass requires no mowing, it is an environmentally- friendly landscaping option because there is no carbon emissions from the petrol on which the lawn mower runs.

#5 Weeds become a non-issue

Weed control is quite the drainer when it comes to time, effort and cost. There are so many species of weeds that may invade your lawn at any one time. With a natural grass lawn you may find yourself spending precious hours on your hands and knees trying to yank out these unwanted weeds. Synthetic grass saves you this valuable time, because, except for the odd weed here and there, you need not worry about weeds in your synthetic lawn.

#6 No fertilizers and pesticides

Artificial grass requires no fertilizer input to grow or maintain its attractive appearance. Unlike natural grass that attracts some pests that need controlling, you do not have to worry about investing your time and money in pest control. Those synthetic lawns require no fertilizers or pesticides means big saves because the expenditure on these chemicals can be quite significant, especially when on a strict budget.

Additionally, eliminating the use of these toxic products is environmentally friendly in that there is no pollution from chemical-laced water that runs off into the drains.

#7 Child and pet friendly

Every day is a play day with fake grass. Synthetic turf is durable and the kids can play around the yard in any weather unlike natural fields that have reduced playability during certain weather conditions. Artificial grass drains faster than natural grass, leaving the kids with a perfect, mud-free playing field after the rains come down heavy. Natural grass also tends to get damaged in the sun, leaving behind patches on the field unlike unreal turf that is durable and does not fade or get damaged in the sun.

With artificial grass, you can say goodbye to hours spent on replacing dead patches on the yard where your dog spent as much time digging up. The guarantee that is extremely durable and damage-resistant affords you peace of mind as your pets run around the yard. Cleaning after your pets is also much easier with artificial turf surfaces.

Without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that go into maintaining a natural lawn, you need not worry over the kids and pets getting exposed to toxic chemicals that would harm their health

#8 Artificial turf for grass allergies

For some people, a day outside in the yard usually translates to uncomfortable symptoms such as puffy eyes, a runny nose, uncontrollable sneezing and unattractive rashes on the skin. That is grass allergy for you, and it is more common than you may think. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not produce or hold pollen and other air-borne allergens. Additionally, synthetic grass does not support the development and growth of mould and associated spores.

With these characteristics, fake grass is undoubtedly the best choice for persons that suffer from hay fever or grass allergies. Contact with the synthetic turf or the air around it will not harm even the most sensitive person. You can now look forward to a day in the outdoors without worrying about walking around with pills to combat the allergies.

After a careful evaluation of the many benefits of artificial grass, what remains is finding the right supplier and installer that will start you on this journey to enjoying all these benefits. Metro Synthetic Turf is your number one synthetic turf expert, even as we supply and install a range of synthetic turf products that will undoubtedly deliver on all these benefits.